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Map Page

There are several maps on this page.  Each map represents a different year of our RV travels - some longer than others, but all were an adventure!  Be sure to visit our Current Weblog to read about our trips.  If you are on your own journey, we hope that you will find some of our stories helpful in choosing your own destinations.  We've received a lot of great recommendations ourselves, and hope to pass on some too. 

As of April 1st, 2007 we were the proud owners of a Datastorm (til we sold the RV in 2009).  Whenever you wanted to know where we were, you just needed to look up our location on the DatastormUsers Map.  We were Dish #4822.  As of Sept 2009, that is no longer active.

Our Trek (2009):                                                                 Beginning:  4/2/09 to Sept 2009

RV Odometer Start:  33,420 - 35,980

Ele Odometer Start:  45,474

2009 Trek

This year I started playing with Microsoft Live Maps to see if it would be a better choice.  I can't find a way to show an image of the Live Map, so you'll have to click on a link for it instead.  The big difference between the two maps is that the Live Map shows the RV Parks where we stayed with a quick review, where the map above just shows our driving route.

Camping (2008):                                                                                

This year we stayed at home.  We took a couple of weekend trips only.  For stories of our trips and our year in general, please visit our blog.  This map shows the places we visited.

Every year that we have an opportunity to travel, we make it our goal is to visit new states or see new places.  This year (2007), however, will be more of a challenge since we're heading West again.  From the beginning we found ourselves on the same roads, and twice in the same campgrounds.  We'll just have to try harder!

Our Trek (2007):                                                                                 03/30/2007 to 11/26/07

RV Odometer Start:  23,290     End:  32,411         

Ele Odometer Start:  30,731     End:  38,182


Our Trek Around Florida (2006):                                                            10/11/06 to 12/13/06

RV Odometer Start:     21,944     End:  23,277

Ele Odometer Start:  @28,000     End:  29,480                                                                                         

It's October 2006 and we are getting ready to go back on the road short-term (planning on just traveling Florida for the present time).  I started to look at these maps (routes from 2004/2005) and get ideas for where we might want to go in 2007, when I found a map that I could 'click' on to select the states we've already visited.  Thought this would be easier to see (at-a-glance) which states we've been to in our RV.


Here's the route we took during our six months RVing in 2005...

Our Trek (2005):                                                                                       06/02/05 to 12/02/05
RV Odometer End:  21,670

Below is an overview of the path we took on our 2004 Trek:
Our Trek (2004):                                                                                                                                       01/18/04 to 11/29/04
RV Odometer Start:  1,500

As you can see, our path has no determinable future. We go wherever our hearts take us, and it appears to have no rhyme or reason. But it does, sometimes. We may chose our destination based on weather conditions, on meeting up with friends, on recommendations we get along the way, and sometimes based on our flights back East.

We don't always know where we are going or when we'll be there, but the one thing we've learned....the longer we travel, the bigger this country becomes, and the more of it we want to see.