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Take the Travel Challenge!

If you know us you know that everything in our life involves friendly competitions.  With each other, with friends, it doesn't matter, Andy (especially) will make a competition out of nothing.  It's the same with our travels.  We like to keep lists of different aspects of our trip(s) just to keep a "tally".  So, are you ready to play the "Travel Challenge"?  Let us know your stats...or if there is another category you like to keep lists for...

How Many States Have You Visited?
  1. Personal Life Total (qualifies as being in the state, not just the airport)
    • Andy = 50 (he hit the big 5-0 when we visited Nebraska in 2005)
    • Diane = 45 (as of 11/2005)  Still needs MN, WI, IO, VT, RI
  2. States Visited in the RV
    • 2004 = 17 different states (FL, AL, MS, LA, TX, NM, AZ, CA, NV, UT, CO, WY, MT, WA, OR, OK, AR)
    • 2005 = 16 different states; 6 old (FL, CO, WY, TX, MS, AL) and 10 NEW (GA, TN, KY, IN, IL, MO, KS, NE, SD, ND)
    • 2006 = 1 state (FL)
    • 2007 = 13 different states; all previously visited
    • 2008 = 0 (stayed at home)
    • 2009 = as of 09/09:  8 different states; 6 old (FL, GA, TN, MO, KS, CO) and 2 new (SC, NC)
How Many State Capitols Have You Toured?
  • 2004 = 3 (TX, OK, FL)
  • 2005 = 3 (MS, CO, WY)
  • 2006 = 2 (MA, VA)
  • 2007 = 2 (NV, ID)
  • 2008 = 0
  • 2009 = 3 (SC, TN, KS)
How Many National Park Sites* Have You Visited?
  1. In years previous = 37 (this counts only those that we've been to together as a couple, not individually)
  2. 2004 = 30
  3. 2005 = 17
  4. 2006 = 2
  5. 2007 = 17 (as of Nov 25th)
  6. 2009 = 8
  7. TOTAL = 111 (OUT OF A TOTAL OF 391)

* Including all types: historic sites, national parks, lakeshores, seashores, monuments, etc.

07/26/07:  after noticing an increase in the number of Nat'l Parks, I had to update my "2005 Owner's Manual" to reflect the additions.  I noticed that my book didn't highlight many of the National Scenic/Historic Trails.  So I went back through my notes and corrected my numbers to include the Trails - so I hope I'm current now!

Other Lists:
  • Birds
  • Wildlife (still waiting to see a LIVE porcupine)
  • State Parks (I'll have to review how many in each state)


People Up to the Challenge:

Our friends Dave & Marilyn, we met RVing in Ft Collins, CO, have their own Travel Challenge.  This is from an email:

Well, I do have a Travel Challenge that may just peek your interest. We have set a goal of riding our bicycles at least 100 miles in every state. 100 miles times 50 states - thus the 5000 mile challenge. The way you two ride you may be well on your way. So far we have Colorado, Iowa, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Arizona, Maine, and Texas done and many others started in our database. We still have many places to return to to meet our goal but the idea of it taking years is what appeals to us.

Isn't that a great idea?!   Thanks for sharing.