Yacht Haven - April/May 2005



View from Site
Yacht Haven RV Park & Marina.  The campground was laid out in fingers with docks winding along all waterways.  A variety of boats to look at - sailboats to yachts.  Here's our view...
And, here's our site...right across the dock from the New River itself.  Some of the mega-yachts that went by seemed to be as wide as the river itself.


Our Site
Planes Landing in Distance In the distance we could watch planes landing at Ft Lauderdale airport.  Occassionally the planes used the alternate, "cross-winds", runway which flew directly over our site.  They were so low on those nights we could see the landing lights thru the vent cover in our bedroom.  Let's not even relive the noise...no sleep those nights.  The first time it happened, we thought a plane was crashing into our campground.  We figured it out quickly enough, however, when more planes flew in about every 3-5 minutes.
Paddling the New River in Ft Lauderdale.  For an urban paddle, it's still beautiful.  Sailboats, large iguanas, wild parrots...On this day we paddled the three miles from campground to downtown Ft Lauderdale and our new condo. Paddling New River
Fleet Week The first day of Fleet Week brought all the big "boats" thru the port.  We made it to the jetty to see the last one.  An amphibous transport ship (I believe).  They had a full escort - Coast Guard boats and helicopters, harbor pilots, marine patrol, and the like.
All of those little white sticks are our men-in-uniform standing at attention during the long tow into port.  Impressive site. Fleet Week
Thunderbirds Finally got a good picture of the Thunderbirds at the Air & Sea Show this year. 
The beaches weren't as crowded this year.  Usually you can't even see the sand for the large numbers of people strewn about. Air & Sea Show
Our Building Our new condo - the building in the middle of the picture.  This picture was taken several months ago which is why you can still see the exterior elevator.  It's more completed now, eventhough not entirely.
Here's another angle of our building. Our Building
Ellisons Two of our smallest visitors - Emma & Kristen.  Congratulations to Rod & Natalie on their new addition to the family.
Our very first sunset.  We never got to watch the sunset on the horizon at our home in Boca.  This is the great thing about our west view. First Sunset
Fourth Sunset Our fourth sunset.  Thought this was pretty watching the sun set into the clouds.  We also get to watch alot of the storms - which come in from the west.


Last Updated: June 3, 2005