Key Largo, FL - April 2005



Wild Bird Sanctuary
We toured the Wild Bird Sanctuary in Key Largo.  The sanctuary takes in injured wild birds such as hawks, eagles, pelicans, cormorants, and more.  If they can be rehabilitated they are returned to the wild.  If not, they can stay and be taken care of.  Others, like this egret, come to the mangroves on the bay for a visit.
This blue-eyed beauty let me get up close.

Close Up View

Florida Bay The Florida Bay's shallow waters show off a beautiful green sight.
Dick & Geri, our Kayuba scuba-diving buddies, had invited us to join them for these several days of relaxation.  In addition to the Wild Bird Sanctuary, we went scuba-diving and kayaking. Dick and Geri
Dancing the Night Away

Dick & Geri are one of the most romantic couples I know.  During dinner one night, they got up and opened up the dance floor...or created one is more like it!

Thanks Dick & Geri for a great trip!


Last Updated: June 3, 2005