Ft Myers Beach, FL - June 2005



Shells, shells, and more shells on Lover's Key State Park.
Kayaking around Black Island, which is within Lover's Key SP.


Feeding Frenzy Some kind of feeding frenzy in the water...dolphin or tarpon?  What is this thing?
Here's a close-up...we think that it's another Lochness Monster! Lochness?
Swim Race Photo-finish at the 5k Swim Race.
Here's some shots of the Florida Fighting Conchs fighting their way back to the Gulf. Florida Fighting Conch
Conch Conch
An alive Lightning Whelk.  No worries, we left all of the living creatures on the beach!  Only the empty shells came home with us. Lightning Whelk
Osprey Some excellent birdwatching in the area, too!
Heron Roseate Spoonbill


Last Updated: June 5, 2005