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Life is good! 

A motto now found on t-shirts and hats, but also a thought I've believed in for years.  Life in south Florida has been good for us to stay active in our favorite hobbies year round.  We enjoy biking, kayaking, scuba diving, kayak-diving, and so much more.  But what really makes it great is that we love to do everything together (well, almost...Andy lets me do Yoga on my own!).  As best friends, we are rarely found apart.  Hence, the name for our new website is a blending of our two names:  diandy!

In 2004 we were able to travel across the United States in our motorhome.  We left in January and returned home in early December.  You can read more by clicking on the bottom link to the right...

In 2005 we decided to simplify our life.  So we sold a home and bought a condo.  This would allow us to "lock the door and leave" more easily.  We were able to travel again in 2005 from May to early December.  You can access our blog entries by clicking on the butterfly to your right and then choosing the month you wish to view.

In 2006 we put our traveling on hold in order to start up a new business.  After some consideration, though, we both agreed that we wanted to find a business that could travel.  We haven't quite gotten the bug out of our system yet.  In the fall we were able to test-drive our business on the road by touring parts of Florida for two months.

2007 was a different year of traveling for us.  For it was the first year we attempted to work on the road.  We had some challenges:  learning to trade stocks and options, using our new satellite dish, and trying to balance work and play.  But we were still able to re-visit 13 states and add 17 new National Parks to our life's list.

2008 put our traveling on hold.  We needed to focus our efforts on becoming successful at our trading.  We thought it would have been easier at home, with less distractions (think "mountains, hiking, forests, etc"), and with a high-speed internet connection.  The market threw us a curve-ball, however, and Diane has suspended trading until she regains confidence in the market and her abilities.

In April 2009 we left our home in Florida to again travel in the RV.  We workamped in Kingsport, TN for 3 1/2 months; we've continued trading sporadically; and we've been developing our new company and webstore - RollingSands Harmony.  We sell products for yoga, meditation, pilates, and core workouts - activities that help to bring balance to both mind and body.  We hope you will check out our store and consider us when shopping for these types of items. "Bring Harmony into your life."

In the fall of 2009 we decided to make another huge change in our lives. We realized we needed to take inventory for our new business, and doing that while living in an RV is pretty darn difficult. So we sold our wonderful Itasca Spirit and found ourselves settling in Colorado for the winter.

2010 should be another interesting year. We're running our business, RollingSands Harmony; I'm now making glass pendant necklaces; and I'm going to school to become a Yoga Instructor. Where will this path take us? I don't know, but I hope to enjoy the journey.

The future for us is open.  We hope to keep our friends and family in touch with our decisions and happenings by keeping up with this website and our weblog.  We hope you will visit our site periodically...but we also hope to hear from you and see you often.

Enjoy Life,

Diane and Andy




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